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Homework answers / question archive /  write an article on Emirates Group-Information Technology

 write an article on Emirates Group-Information Technology


 write an article on Emirates Group-Information Technology. It needs to be at least 2500 words. The six sections of the report include the introduction to the report, the background information involving the objectives. The second section will involve discussions on the problems and the questions that were posed to the respondents. The third section brings out the literature view on the research problem (Duncan, 2002). The literature view aims in the accumulation of secondary data to enable the draw of conclusions about the action that can be taken next. The next chapter focuses on the research methodology used in the research. The next chapter is on the analysis of the data through the chosen methodology. The chapter helps in the drawing of the final conclusion.

The research focuses on Emirates airlines which offers worldwide airport services and also handles ground IT solutions. The department in the airline that concerns the IT sector is Emirates Group-Information Technology which makes the objective of delivering qualified services and products with the best return on investment. The IT department uses an application that is able to keep track of the projects occurring within the company (Duncan, 2002). The application also keeps track of the project and the person that is responsible for the tasks that are related to it. The application however has come with verbal complaints from the employees that have limited access to it and also from those that have all the access to it (Duncan, 2002). The people who have full access to it are the managers to find out the problems and find out solutions to them to increase productivity.

The research has come out with objectives to be achieved. The research is intended to find out the level of satisfaction of employees and the management with the current application tool. The research also intended to find out the reasons behind the likes and dislikes of the current application tool by the employees. Another objective of the research is to improve the current application.

Other than the mentioned objectives, the research also was intended to find about the&nbsp.similar services and goods that are in the market that offers similar goods considering the competition and also their profits.

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