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The Statistical Analysis


The Statistical Analysis. However, in this survey, the structured questionnaire was used to collect relevant data. a structured questionnaire ensures that all participants answer the same questions. As a result, a researcher cannot answer questions that are not set on a questionnaire. In this respect, the structured questionnaire enables a researcher to identify the uniformity of given data as far as a certain population is concerned. For instance, while analyzing the level of satisfaction among the users of the University Sports Center, a number of questions relating to the level of satisfaction and importance of equipment and services were answered by the respondents. all the respondents answered the same questions. As a result, the structured questionnaires enabled the researcher to access information regarding the level of satisfaction of the sports center. in other words, the information collected from the respondents was more reliable in informing various improvements (Bryman and Bell 2007).

The questionnaire which was used for the collection of data had twenty-one relevant questions. The questions were exhaustive with respect to the evaluation of the level of satisfaction of the features of the sports center as well as the formulation of policies to improve the sports services and facilities. In order to ensure that all information is captured in the survey, the questionnaire was divided into three parts. The three parts are categorized in the following manner: the first part is associated with the level of satisfaction among users of the sports center. the second question of the questionnaire has associated the level of importance among various features of the sports center. and, thirdly, the background information. The results ensured that a notable relationship between the independent and dependent variables. Additionally, the questions pointed out whether various factors have an impact on the level of satisfaction and perception regarding the importance of the diverse sports center’s features.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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