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Homework answers / question archive /  The constraint 5x1 - 2x2 < 0 passes through the point (xx, 50)

 The constraint 5x1 - 2x2 < 0 passes through the point (xx, 50)


 The constraint 5x1 - 2x2 < 0 passes through the point (xx, 50).
xx = ?

2. In a linear programming problem, the binding constraints for the optimal solution are
5X + 3Y < 30
2X + 5Y < 20
Fill in the blanks in the following sentence:
As long as the slope of the objective function stays between _______ and _______, the current optimal solution point will remain optimal.

A. 1/3 and 3/5
B. -5/3 and -4/5
C. -8/3 and -2/5
D. -5/3 and -2/5

3. Which of the following could be a linear programming objective function?
A. Z = 1A + 2B / C + 3D
B. Z = 1A + 2BC + 3D
C. Z = 1A + 2B + 3C + 4D
D. Z = 1A + 2B2 + 3D
E. all of the above

4. Output from a computer package is precise and answers should _______ be rounded.
A. never
B. always
C. sometimes
D. often

5. Mark the answers below which are true:
A. Bayes probability uses updates to improve estimates of prior probabilities.
B. Shafer-Dempster probabilities use belief functions which are very useful for situations when the sum of existing knowledge (probabilities) need not add to one.
C. Fuzzy logic is too inaccurate to be used for anything useful.
D. Both A and B
E. All of the above

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