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Homework answers / question archive / Compose a 1000 words assignment on a mid summers nights dream by william shakespeare

Compose a 1000 words assignment on a mid summers nights dream by william shakespeare


Compose a 1000 words assignment on a mid summers nights dream by william shakespeare. Needs to be plagiarism free! The general setting of midsummers night’s dream play is that it takes place in Athens as the location. According to Shakespeare, Athens seems to be the world of the mortals, non-magical, non-fantastical, and the only place where reality exists compared to the woods where the rest of the play takes place (Shakespeare 12). The characters Theseus, Hippolyta, and Egeus all remain in Athens, while the other four lovers from Athens opt to venture into the woods, where their magical journey of fairies and dreams begin.

Shakespeare also used love as a setting as a tool that drove the couples and would-be couples into action. However, the love in the play is in no way true or faithful t because the characters’ love exists in the world of magic. In addition, the actions and emotions of the characters in the play relate to love, within the fairy forest, which shows that their love is not realistic. More so, Shakespeare used the magic flower as the master of magic that spurs the love confusion in the forest (Shakespeare 45). The flower’s magic reacts when it is placed on the eyelids of a sleeping man or woman. it causes him or her to madly fall in love with any existing creature that could be reachable. The magic in the flower is in the juice that oozes out of the flower, and the juice from this magic flower is the tool that confuses all the lovers in the forest as well as a tool in which all disputes are amended.

The setting of the forest represents a savage place where anything can happen because the forest is beyond legal jurisdiction. More so, the forest or woods embody tensions between fantasy and reality, the supernatural and the mundane, dreaming and waking, imagination and reason, passion and self-control, moonshine, and daylight (Shakespeare 71). The forest is a world where fairies reign, magic is ubiquitous, and fantasy becomes reality. The carefree nature portrays when the Titania and Oberon lived in the forest and subsequently moved from one portion to the other. The other characters Hermia and Lysander run into the forest in order to save their love.

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