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assistance with these assignment. locals enjoy affluent lifestyles in doha, qatar Thank you in advance for the help! There actually was a Qatari who bought 50 Syrian sheep at the livestock market in Doha yesterday, leaving poor expatriates around him awed and envious. "Well, they can afford to be spendthrift since they have money, thanks to a booming stock market," said one Eritrean who was a witness to the bulk purchase of Syrian sheep by this Qatari at the animal market on the outskirts of Doha. A middle-income Egyptian, on the contrary, had to remain content with two Somali sheep that he somehow managed to buy after a lot of haggling. Al Badri Ali Rislan found the prices of sheep much higher this Eid than last year. "I am married, but I can't afford to keep my family with me due to rising house rents," he told The Peninsula. Expatriates are increasingly buying Australian and Somali sheep as they are much cheaper as compared to Syrian sheep. Mustafa Ahmed Nughmi, another Egyptian, said it was customary for them to exchange gifts with their near and dear ones during Eid Al Adha, but this Eid was different since rising costs were leaving him with no savings. Rents and transport are the largest contributors to inflation, he said."I took a Karwa taxi to the Industrial Area from the Old Airport locality on Friday evening and I paid QR30 as one-way fare It is too much," he said. Even a Qatari national, Yahya Abdul Rahman, felt the sheep were costlier this Eid. He blamed house rents as the single culprit for the rising cost of living and said he had let out four houses to expatriate tenant families and raised rents only marginally. "I have concern for them," he said of his tenants.&nbsp. "Landlords are greedy," he said of property owners, his fellow countrymen. "Rising inflation is not good for all of us." The article mainly talks about how locals in Doha, Qatar enjoy affluent lifestyles as opposed to foreign expatriates. Expatriates are people who are temporarily living in another country, the culture of which differ from the one they are from. The locals' and the expatriates' economic and financial differences are highlighted during the Eid al-Adha or Feast of Sacrifice, the most important feast of the Muslim. The feast is celebrated by sacrificing domestic animals, particularly sheep. The article narrates how it is easy for an average Qatari to purchase a fair number of sheep, while the foreigners struggle to buy even just one. The local Qataris can manage to be extravagant because of the "booming stock market" especially initial public offerings (IPOs). IPOs are the first sale of stock offered by a private company to the public, stocks being the element of ownership in a corporation.&nbsp.

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