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 assistance with these assignment. mid term history Thank you in advance for the help! College: 286870 MID TERM HISTORY Puerto Rico, Guan, Philippines and Hawaii islands were part of American Acquisition during the American phase of expansion. They were all possessed by the United States of America during the American-Spanish war ended after signing the treaty of Paris. The Guano Island was taken over by the US after the passing of the Guano Act by the US congress to gain possession of the Island that had some guano deposits. Hawaii kingdom, an independent monarchy in mid-pacific ocean was claimed by the United Stats through an organized coup d'etat by the US military to get an annexation to the US for economic and geostrategic purposes while the Puerto Rico was attacked by the US and made all its citizens US citizens. Philippine Island was claimed from Spain during the treaty of Paris. Their acquisition gave US more international and chastised powers from Europe for the imperialism as well as developed its democracy (Lauren 2009).

The American Frontier developed as a result of US creativity and virility as a civilization. The US expansion to the oversees was significant in keeping the American spirit as the Western US had started to develop less interest in the frontier. The American Frontier had much significance in the US history since it led to the birth of the American democracy. The Western frontier had played a major role in shaping the shape of the American society more than the influence of Europe

Segregation in the 19th century was known by a slang name. Apartheid. One of the social areas were segregation was applied was in sports when black athletes were not permitted to take part in main baseball league. They only participated in competitions for Negro leagues. Politically, the segregated society was not granted the rights to vote. Leaders were elected by the majority society. From cultural perspective, blacks in most white countries were separated from their white counterparts, they used different facilities.

Despite the fact that married women in the 19th century were not permitted to do any job, they made immerse contributions to their families. Some rich women started to organize formal dinners, social gatherings significant for their husband's political success. Other middle class women stated to get involved in economic activities to balance their families budget. They even saved money to do baking, gardening, brewing that managed to meet other financial needs.

During this duration most women were perceived as innocent, pure and domestic started to realize that live was becoming expensive as they had to feed the ever increasing population. They had to take part in income generating projects. worked for long hours in cramped dirty environments and factories earning low salaries. After their husband's death, they had to take over as bread winners of their families through more innovative involvements and businesses. They started advocating for their social security entitlements such as retirement benefits, workers compensation and health insurance.

By the end of the 19th century, women made some major changes in the lives. They got better education, less children, started reform organizations, debate and literary groups. Basic literacy was made available to many poor people. Many women had high school and college education. They began to expand their occupational choices into new fields like nursing and secretarial. Some had to forgo marriage to pursue their desired carriers. Other women stared to participate in jobs regarded as men's such as engineering and the military and even others started to serve in high profile government offices. By the beginning of the 20th century, women started to rise in the political ladder, Going for nomination of political offices and making political stands for their political parties. More enlightenment led to women started to claim their social and cultural rights. They were advocating for inequality with men in all social occasions and started calling for some cultural practices that were unfavorable to women.

Working single women were asking for more salaries just like men's so as to provide for their families. They ended up creating women unions and enlightening other women to ask for their rights.

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