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 1. Discuss the due process requirement before a corporation certificate of registration is revoked by SEC. 2nd Formative Assessment • Compute the following. Send your answer to the professor through messenger or email. a. If the par value of the shares in the authorized capital stock of P10,000,000,000 is P1, how many shares are there in the authorized capital stock? b. If there are 25,000 NoPar value shares issued by the corporation, how much is the least issue value of the said 250,000 shares? If the authorized capital stock of the corporation is P5,000,000 and the par value of each shares is P.01. How many shares of stock therein are in the capital structure? d. If there are 10,000 shares at par value of P1.00 per shares. Can the corporation issue 10,000 shares at P9,000? If the corporation cannot, how much issue value should the corporation received from the corporation? e. If there are 100,000 shares issued by the corporation in its pre-incorporation subscription, how many shares are considered subscribed capital stock and are deemed outstanding capital stock? Essay What does watered stocks imply? What doctrine was violated when there are watered stocks? Explain b. What does Trust Fund Doctrine mean? Cite at least two examples C a

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