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Homework answers / question archive / I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Hospitality Property Operations

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Hospitality Property Operations


I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Hospitality Property Operations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. ?Hospitality Property Operations

Knightsrest has been a well running hotel comprised of 600 rooms located near the airport and government facility which makes it attractive for the tourists. Though the hotel is getting good business but the profit margin is not adequate due to housekeeping costs. Bonnie, a housekeeping consultant has been hired to diagnose and suggest remedial measures in the situation.


Bonnie has seen through the entire situation and could possibly point out the following problems and weaknesses in the management:

Order of Supplies

Being in hospitality industry, serving the customers well to provide them satisfaction is a core aim. That’s why Sue places the order for supplies every two weeks assuming that the previous stock is nearly finished. However in reality the previous stock is not fully utilized and wasted awfully and there is overstock of supplies also been observed in the hotel of which some is spoiled as well.


In order to maintain cleanliness and other satisfaction driven parameters for the customers, the storeroom remains opened all the time and everyone has the access to it. There is no proper placement of supply items in the storeroom rather there is a mess of supplies everywhere even in the telephone room.

Right Usage

The supplies are not rightly used by the housekeeping staff like shampoos are used for cleaning the bath tub and furniture polish is used over formica which though seems chemically effective but not the right way thus resulting in increased cost.

Optimized Usage

Another issue is that things are not fully used that contributes to additional cost like everyday soap and shampoo is added to every washroom even previous is still there. Garbage bags of large size are often used that are half filled and thrown away despite using the smaller one to optimize their usage.

Organizational Structure

The structure of management seems flat that does not keep a tight check over the staff and as a result the staff takes liberty and shows irresponsibility.


Following could be the possible solution to address the housekeeping issues of Knightsrest:

Management Structure

The management structure needs to be autocratic and hierarchic to mold the behavior of the staff and to keep check over them while using the supplies. A position may be created and the personnel may be dedicated full time for the purpose.

Order of Supplies

The order for supplies must be made keeping in view the current stock on hand and the anticipated usage of supplies by calculating the average.

Optimum Usage

The items must be optimally used to reduce the cost. The storeroom head should sanction the item to be used rather than allowing everyone to use the items as they like.

Storeroom Effectiveness

There must be someone responsible for the storeroom and only limited access be provided to the staff. The storeroom must be arranged and segregated so that no item is damaged and the inventory is known.

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