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assistance with these assignment. training and development and organisational growth Thank you in advance for the help! Career management also requires a long term commitment which very often is overlooked in favor of the short term organizational expectations. In order that career management activities are made into an effective strategy, it is linked both to business strategies as well as Human Resources Management strategies.

The major objective of career management as perceived by a majority of organizations is to develop future leaders. But in the present day business context, this objective alone can not meet the talent requirements of any organization. Hence it is not enough if the organizations talk only about opportunities for advancement and progression within the organization but also about the marketability and employability of the employees. This calls for filling the future skill gaps and thereby retaining the employees. This again calls for the organization developing strategies with respect to career management that covers all the employees and supports all of their activities towards individual and organizational advancements.

Another shortcoming with the career management policies of the organizations is that they carry the discussion relating to the career management at the fag end of the performance appraisal meetings at which point the employees will not have the opportunity to express their career options. As such the performance appraisal meetings will be ineffective as the individual employees will not be able to voice their opinion about their career advancement if they feel it is going to affect their performance measures.

Principles of Career Management

Zella King points out the important principles that can make the career management strategy effective to make the employee remain motivated. These principles outline what is expected out of the individual employees also to make their career growth beneficial to them. The individuals are likely to gather information from a number of sources like their supervisors and managers, human resources department and their friends. Therefore it becomes important that the individual employees are able to assimilate all information without getting them contradicting one another.

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