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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 7 pages paper on overview of the materials selection process

Write a 7 pages paper on overview of the materials selection process


Write a 7 pages paper on overview of the materials selection process. The guiding principle in the choice of the materials is the ability of the final product to sustain the physical forces during the testing. The decision to choose aluminum follows the study of the mechanical properties and physical behavior of aluminum. The second guiding principle is the affordability of the material since high costs make the production of the containerless efficient regardless of the performance of the component developed. The CES software aids in the selection of appropriate materials as per the requirements of the processes applied in the production of the components.

After selecting the materials, the next phase is the selection of process, the major aim of this is the selection of the most appropriate and cost-effective technique and for the manufacturing the desired component (Callister 73). The factors considered in the selection are the stage at which the production is at any time and the desired qualities of the component being produced. Of course, the choice of the process also takes into consideration the safety measures to be taken by the component producers. This experiment, for example, selects the processes of welding and deformation considering the property of aluminum to undergo deformation without necessarily breaking. This experiment cannot other processes that require hardness, because of the aluminum bends under high pressure. The choice of the process is done with the aid of the CES as a computer-based application for correlating the mechanical characteristics. The components designed in the experiment are the high-pressure container for liquid products and light carton boxes for paper and stationeries. The criteria for choosing a good process is include features like affordability, minimal waste in the manufacturing process in order to avoid waste of economic resources. The question to ask when making choices of the process is the strength and the size.

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