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Homework answers / question archive / According to OH&S Notebook 11

According to OH&S Notebook 11


According to OH&S Notebook 11.2 - Evacuation Plans,emergency planning must take into account the need to evacuate employees with disabilities. Briefly describe 2 strategies for evacuating employees with disabilities in an emergency?
Why is emergency planning important and what are 2 important considerations when planning for emergencies?
As an H.R. manager you are responsible for designing a training program for managers and supervisors about their roles and responsibilities pertaining domestic violence in the workplace. Describe 2 potential barriers that you may encounter while rolling out this program and briefly describe at least 2 strategies for overcoming them?
Briefly explain the role and function of leadership when it comes to occupational health and safety.
Employees at ABC Manufacturing are well-versed in safety protocols, such as good housekeeping and the use of PPE but often ignore them in favour of completing tasks quickly. Briefly describe 2 strategies that you would you recommend for improving attitudes about safety at ABC?

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