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Homework answers / question archive /  create a simple Personal Organiser System App on

 create a simple Personal Organiser System App on


 create a simple Personal Organiser System App on . Android platform using Android lava programming 1.guage. The app includrs a home screen that includrs one or more decorative images and options (e.g. button menu items. etc4 The App has four main functions aside from the home screen
1. Allow users° view and manipulate rse list of fnends 2. Allow userso view .d manipulate to-do-.1. S. Allow userso view and manipulate eve. 4. Display user to view and manipulate images that are associated with tile friends
In particular, the App should
Pass level (np to 6.4%): - Provide the main interface a. implemented actions where user crs select an option from the bunonstmenus for manipulating the friend reconls including o Add a new friend record: user can add a friend into the list. T. record includesfirst name. last name. gender. age and address. Edit a friend record: user can select a friend Sam the list. The program will display full detail information in the corresponding fields where they crs he changed. The page should also include . option to delete the cunent record in addition to the e. option. Provide the main interface and implemented actions where user can select an option from the bunonnmenus rsr manipulating the to-do-tasks irsluding o Add a new tonlo-task: user can add a task into the list. The torslorsask record includes losk name. location and status (completed a. not completed). The sta. is initially default as not completed. Update a to-dorsas, the user can select a to-dorssk from the list. The user can rsitch the to-dorsask to either complete or riot complete. View all the to-do-tasks that are grouped into two categories: complete and n. complete. - Be able to return to the home page or the previous page. - Provide a good quality user interface - Are the rsreens rssy to use? A. they laid out neatly? Do they Irsk go.?

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