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Homework answers / question archive / Julia brings home ?$1,600 per month after taxes

Julia brings home ?$1,600 per month after taxes


Julia brings home ?$1,600 per month after taxes.? Julia's rent is ?$350 per? month, her utilities are ?$100 per? month, and her car payment is ?$250 per month. Julia is currently paying ?$200 per month to her orthodontist for her braces.? Julia's groceries cost ?$50 per week and she estimates her other expenses to be ?$150 per month. As a? result, she has ?$350 left each month to put toward savings to reach her financial goals. Julia is considering trading in her car for a new one. Her new car payment will be ?$325 per? month, and her insurance cost will increase by ?$60 per month. Julia determines that her other? car-related expenses? (gas, oil) will stay about the same. What is the opportunity cost if Julia purchases the new? car?

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