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Homework answers / question archive / Review the included ISACA built risk case

Review the included ISACA built risk case


Review the included ISACA built risk case.You will need to complete the tasks identified in the later part of these slides labeled To Do.Re-evaluate the probability and risk level for all of the rows


Quantitative Analysis

To: Chief Information officer

From: Manager of Desktop Support

Re: Report


Computer and Mobile phone loss in NASA could cause great danger to the organization and expose the organization to all sorts of system vulnerabilities. As reported in (Melanie Pinola, 2012), 48 mobile devices were stolen between April 2009 and April 2011. A more worrying trend is the level of encryption within the organization. Only one percent of the organization is encrypted, leaving sensitive data exposed to vulnerabilities and potential losses. There is a need to review the business continuity and disaster management plan. This should be done with a deep understanding of the current problem. Currently, there are 700 laptops presently in service. These


Single Loss Expectancy (SLE)

This is a risk assessment tool, which is the monetary value experienced when there is a risk on an asset. It is a single loss that the institution will suffer.

SLE== Asset Value X Exposure Factor

$49000 X 0.99 X 700


Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO)

This is the projected frequency of a threat happening in a year.

48 computers lost between Apr 2009 and April 2011

Hence 24 computers lost in one year. Hence the threat on a single laptop or mobile is


Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE)

It is based on the probability of an event occurring. Therefore, you multiply the annualized rate of occurrence (ARO) by Loss of Expectancy (SLE)


ALE=$33,957,000 X 0.034


Safeguard Value

Risk mitigation controls monetary expense. This helps determine the financial feasibility and effectiveness. The assumption is that all the proposed risk control measures are implemented correctly.

Safeguard value is based on the hardware and software cost that you invest in protecting your information in case of software theft.

Software solutions

Altiris Manageability toolkit is available hardware per every node is US$18

$ 18 X700


Support license for the network


Cost of software USD92,600


Value of Safeguard=ALE before the implementation of safeguard-ALE after safeguard -Annual cost of protection.


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