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6. Provide an example of how historical trends in society have influenced a development in management and organization theory

Question 2: An Indian company has an export exposure of Japanese Yen (JPY) 18, 00,000 in July 2020, payable on 30th September 2020. The current spot rates are. INR/US$ = Rs 62.22/ 80 and JPY/US$ = JPY102.24/ 95 It is expected that JPY will depreciate by 10% and Indian Rupee (INR) will appreciate by 5% against U.S. Dollar (US$). The Forward rates quoted for 30th September 2020 are. INR USS = Rs 66.50/ 75 and JPY/US$ = JPY 110.05/85 You are required to compute, expected gain loss if forward cover is undertaken in trade?

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