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 paper on e-business web sites


 paper on e-business web sites. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. E-business has given every organization that uses it an additional advantage of running their businesses. Competition to produce an online website that tells about the organization and its product has also started. In the same way, selling products online through a website has also become popular, there are certain advantages attached to it but we won't go into that detail. Another important aspect of running a business online successfully is to check whether an organization's website is according to the standards of its competitors. This can be done using certain techniques like surveys, questionnaires and conducting interviews. This article explored a new technique called benchmarking. Benchmarking is basically evaluating the content of the website in terms of its usefulness and usability compared to your competitors. The importance of this method can be gauged by the fact that the two aspects that are being benchmarked namely usefulness and usability can only determine the actual return your website is giving to the organization. Claiming your website is successful by checking the number of times it has been viewed is useless, instead, the benchmarking method makes a lot of sense as it is analyzing the two vital factors that originally decide whether a website is successful or not.

If we go 30 years back in time there was no concept of using a computer to communicate to a co-worker or sending an email to your boss for a certain favor. Records were kept on files in a closet. If your boss needed information about last year's sale you had to tell him if he can wait for 2 days, and your boss agreed. Today if you reply to your boss, in the same manner, it's obvious your boss won't accept your reply, instead, it might be possible that you are fired. This gets a bit harsh but this is a fact. Technology has taken great steps all these years and is looking to go even faster as the time moves on. It is important for every person to keep up with the moving technology to survive in this world, especially organizations that are running businesses internationally and on the Internet. Keeping in touch with the technology trend has become a necessity in this case as every organization looks for improving itself with the use of newer and better technology. E-business might seem easy to set up a website and conduct your business online, but its not the case and its not as easy as you think. As new and better technologies enter the market an organization has to make sure that it acquires it and makes the best use of it. It is important to keep abreast of technology trends when running an e-business because once a firm starts e-business it is attaching itself to the world of Internet and technology, and if an organization gets involved in this world it has to keep a track of what is going on and what is new so as to make sure it does not lag behind in any field.

Q. 3. Comment on one recent technology trend, and discuss how it might affect an e-Business.

As technology advances trends are being setup. For example, a certain technology becomes famous as it enters the market and everyone gets attracted to it for a while. After 3 or 4 months a better technology comes into being and now people are driven towards this one.&nbsp.

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