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Homework answers / question archive / submit a 2000 words paper on the topic WOTS-UP Analysis and Company Capability Profile for Roche

submit a 2000 words paper on the topic WOTS-UP Analysis and Company Capability Profile for Roche


submit a 2000 words paper on the topic WOTS-UP Analysis and Company Capability Profile for Roche. The key to reviving Roche's own drug development is new management. Especially within the past decades, Roche plays a much less significant role in the Central Nervous System segment of the pharmaceuticals market which accounted for .16% of the market share globally. Although, Roche manages to exceed its limits in its Oncology and Diagnostic segment if Roche not stand up and start to learn how to balance in all segments then Roche's corporate image will be justified.

Roche faces intense competition from several other large pharmaceutical companies. Sales have also dropped from 24.7% of all Roche pharmaceutical sales in 1997 to only 3% in 2007. However, the Central Nervous System segment has very high growth rates and accounts for 18.5% market share of the Pharmaceutical Industry, which makes it the second-largest segment, after the Cardiovascular Segment.

As Roche and many other of its competitor is currently in the startup process of stepping into a developing country, it is important to study out what are the cultural barriers and come up with the best product to fit into the needs of the foreign country. This way, Roche will ultimately out beat other competitors.

By partnering with Synopsis, Roche is giving these potential medicines the best chance of success by creatively extending our innovation base in an important therapeutic area and focusing on its technology to improve this segment.

Diseases of the central nervous system represent some of the greatest needs in the medical industry worldwide. However, in 2007, Roche has further enhanced its five main therapeutic areas of interest: oncology, virology, inflammatory diseases, metabolic diseases, and diseases of the central nervous system. Each of these areas now encompasses all activities from regulatory changes, threats of the growing popularity of generic drugs to strategic marketing.

Regulatory changes are now one of the biggest threats to the pharmaceutical industry. Within the past 5 years in the U.S., there have been numbers of legislative and regulatory changes to the healthcare system which has had a significant influence on the pharmaceutical industry as well as to the pricing of the group’s products. Payment levels under the new Medicare program, for instance, may lower the payments under the previous version. New legislation and other pricing reforms and reimbursement restrictions could negatively impact the group’s revenues.

Roche will need to invest more in this segment in order to increase its overall revenue. In order to meet its demand from all consumers, Roche will have to execute price arrangement which is achieved by coming up with a plan that will satisfy both sectors. Once they accomplish this goal, they can satisfy their financial state and customer satisfaction.

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