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a. balance sheet b. notes payable c. marketable securities d. earnings per share e historical cost accounting f. income statement g. liquidity h. cash flow from financing i. depreciation j. marginal corporate tax rate worth or book value 1. P/E ratio m. stockholders' equity n. statement of cash flows o. cash flows from operations p. cash flows from investing q. free cash flow 2. 5. 6. 7. All the assets of the firm minus the liabilities and preferred stock. A financial statement that indicates what the firm owns, and how these assets are financed in the form of liabilities or ownership interest. Changes accrual-based information from income statement and balance sheet to cash based information. _The relative convertibility of short-term assets into cash. The levy expressed as a percentage that applies to each new dollar of taxable income. The multiplier applied to income per share to determine current value. The income available to common stockholders divided by the number of common shares outstanding A financial statement that measures the profitability of the firm over a period of time. Temporary investments of excess cash. Represents the net cash flow that results from changes in the amount of a firm's long- term assets 8. 9. 10.
11. 12. 13. 14. 15. The total ownership position of preferred and common stockholders. Traditional method of accounting using original costs minus depreciation. Represents the net cash flow that results from a firm's production and sales activities. Short-term signed obligations to banks or other creditors. Cash flow that is generated (or reduced) from the sale or repurchase of securities or the payment of cash dividends The allocation of the initial cost of an asset over its useful life. Cash flows from operations minus working capital minus dividend payments. 16. 17.

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