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Homework answers / question archive / Instructions This assignment is the sixth part of your project

Instructions This assignment is the sixth part of your project

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Instructions This assignment is the sixth part of your project. Select two alternative strategies from assignment 5 and complete the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) with ten (10) in each category. Please leverage your EFE and IFE work. State the recommended strategy for the implementation and the reason. Provide detailed recommendations/next steps for the implementation of the recommended strategy - total of five (5) steps. Provide one (1) risk of implementing your recommended strategy and the mitigation for it. Cite sources in the APA format. Please submit QSPM in excel. Suggestion: Keep in mind and try to compare strategies from this list and detail how the recommended strategies will enhance north Broward County short and long term: 1.High Technology Entrepreneurship 2.Fostering Social and Civic Responsibility by Organizations and Their People 3.Excessive Work and Its Business Consequences Short and Long Term 4.Global Strategic Mind-Set 5.Innovation as a Strategy in Network Markets 6.Mass Customization as a Strategy 7.Organizational Security as a Strategy 8.Collaborative Strategic Innovation: Web-Based Tools for Customer Involvement in New Product Development 9.Flexible Labor as a Strategy 10.Employee Wellness Programs as a Strategy 11.Career Management and Future Jobs 12.Aging and Work Motivation as a Strategic Action 13.Family-Friendly Organizations and Strategies 14.Remote Leadership Strategies 15. PA = Robotic Process Automation / AE = Artificial Intelligence 16.Healthy Living 17. M&A 18. Specific product or service development 19. Specific product or service innovation 20. Specific geographical market penetration QSPM Matrix Video "How To" -

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