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Homework answers / question archive / Coursework Description In your group coursework you have already selected a business segment where you would like to establish an on-line company that is supported through cloud computing

Coursework Description In your group coursework you have already selected a business segment where you would like to establish an on-line company that is supported through cloud computing

Computer Science

Coursework Description

In your group coursework you have already selected a business segment where you would like to establish an on-line company that is supported through cloud computing. Your task is now to implement a website prototype for your business. You also have to prepare detailed documentation describing your site.

You must implement a website for the same company that was outlined in your group coursework.

Please note this is an individual coursework. You have to implement and document your own unique solution and must not work in groups or pairs.

Your work will be primarily marked based on your written report. If it is deemed necessary, your tutor may check your implementation or you may be called for a viva to assess your authority over the implemented solution and to demonstrate its usability.

Your submitted work needs to be presented as a report which should be produced using a word processor. It must have a table of contents, and a title page containing your name and Student Id. 

The task

  1. Implement and provide user documentation of a prototype website for your company (50%)
    1. Implement a working prototype of your website 

Implement a working website prototype for your business. The prototype should have the final navigation structure with the most important pages present, and all the necessary functions (e.g., registration, put into basket etc.) have to be indicated. However, the services that require further programming do not have to be implemented in their final form. For example, you have to create a page for the shopping cart (if it is relevant) and simulate how it is working by creating sample pages. However, you do not have to implement this functionality.

It is advised that you use Google Sites for the implementation of the site. However, you may also use other website design and implementation tools if you are more familiar with those. Please note that even if you select a more advanced and sophisticated tool than Google Sites, there will be no marks allocated for any technical implementation or programming. The emphasis should be on the demonstration of your advanced e-commerce ideas and not on the technical implementation. 

Your website should include at least 10 different pages, based on the requirements and structure of your business scenario. Please try to concentrate on the most important and interesting pages that demonstrate your business idea the best.

    1. Write a User Manual for your application

Write a detailed user manual, illustrated with screenshots, and explain how your website works (or rather, will work after full implementation). Describe all pages and all functionalities in detail. Explain the limitations of the prototype highlighting all functionalities that will require coding and implementation in the final version of the site. Describe and explain the desired functionality of these components.

  1. Analyse and assess how the results of your strategic analysis and systems design have been reflected in your prototype (25%)

Describe clearly and analyse (in maximum 750 words) how the strategic and systems level decisions and plans made in your group coursework have been implemented in your website. Illustrate with examples how the results and outcomes of the different analytical techniques (e.g., Porter’s 5 Forces, SWOT, CSF, Use-case model, and other techniques you used) are demonstrated in your implemented prototype. Describe and explain any major differences between your design specification and the prototype implementation.

  1. Analyse and critically evaluate how your on-line business could utilise cloud computing (25%)

Describe a cloud computing solution that could enrich your technical implementation and/or support your business processes. Analyse and critically evaluate how the selected cloud solution will be integrated to your business, what cost and security implications it may raise and what advantages/disadvantages the solution has on your business when compared to traditional IT infrastructures and services. Be as concrete as possible. You need to select and analyse a concrete solution available on the market, by a concrete provider. Categorise and justify the cloud computing service that will be applied (e.g. SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, private, public, hybrid etc.). Base your analysis and evaluation on related literature and correctly reference all your sources. Your analysis and critical evaluation should be no longer than 750 words.  

Coursework Marking scheme

The Coursework will be marked based on the following marking criteria:


Mark per             Mark component               provided


1. Implementation and user manual 






Implemented pages and their basic functionality (based on the submitted user guide) 

Evidence that the required pages have been implemented and those are at good quality. Screenshots with clear explanations in the user guide. 1 mark per page (10 marks in total)



Advanced functionalities and business ideas demonstrated

Besides simple and informative pages, demonstrate how complex and innovative business functionalities will support your site. These are the functionalities that differentiate your business from the competition and that give it a cutting edge.  Functionalities should be clearly explained in the user guide (but should

not be implemented, only demonstrated)




Visual design and application of general web design principles Nicely designed pages, not overcrowded, informative, attractive to the eye, etc.




Limitations of the prototype Limitations of prototype clearly explained in user guide. Functionalities that are not fully implemented should be highlighted, and their desired behaviour in final version clearly explained.









2. Analysis and evaluation how strategic and systems level decisions are illustrated on the implemented prototype 




Consistency between analysis, design and implementation are explained (or differences justified) 



Implementation of design decisions are illustrated via examples



3. Analysis and evaluation how your business could utilise cloud computing




Selection and description of the selected cloud computing solution



with justification how it is beneficial for your business.





Categorisation of the selected cloud computing solution, with detailed justification.



Quality of literature review/research carried out, quality of utilised sources and their correct referencing.



Total                                                                   100                                 


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