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Throughout our study of U


Throughout our study of U.S. history this semester, we have seen examples of both change and continuity. Write an essay in which you discuss an example of change or continuity using ONE SPECIFIC EXAMPLE (FROM 1900-1988 ONLY). You may also argue for both--some change and some continuity. You may consider any area of U.S. history including but not limited to the economy, foreign policy, domestic policy, minorities, women, workers/unions, the law, etc. You SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT to cover the entire twentieth century. The task is to focus your essay on a topic that you can argue convincingly within 750 words. In order to write a convincing essay, you MUST incorporate historical information from the textbook, primary sources in VOF reader, films, and/or lectures to support your position. Cite your sources within your paper as you have been doing with the discussion boards (ie, GML, 205; VOF, 515; Title of Video). DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES. Since we are all using the same books, you do NOT need a bibliography. This is a formal essay; please be attentive to the rules of grammar, punctuation, etc....
I will send you the link for the book and sign-in information

again, i will provide you will the book to reference.. and depending on the topic you choose i can sent you link for the video

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