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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 750 word paper answering; Thermostat X Thermostat X is a unique product with solar mechanisms for heating and cooling

Write a 750 word paper answering; Thermostat X Thermostat X is a unique product with solar mechanisms for heating and cooling


Write a 750 word paper answering; Thermostat X Thermostat X is a unique product with solar mechanisms for heating and cooling. The product is unique in that it is easy to use, portable and light enough to carry around without difficulty. In addition, the product is efficient for sporting activities. Therefore, the target market is outdoor athletes. This paper gives the analysis of the communication process that would help in marketing the product to the target market. To market a product successfully, it is important to establish the product’s communication goal. In this case, the first step would be to increase Thermostat X awareness in the market. Consumers are likely to purchase a product that they are in knowledge of, prior to purchase. Using broadcasting commercials and other printed ads, would assist in introducing Thermostat X into the market. The ads would include the company’s name with a continuous mention of the brand name and its consequent slogan (Saxena 58). The company’s name in the ad would convince consumers that the product is indeed genuine. In addition, a good company name may boost a product’s sale in the market. If the consumers associate the company with the production of quality goods, it may do well for the new product in the market. The audience needs to know the advantages of Thermostat X, thus, the ads should lay emphasis on the solar heating and cooling systems, to remain memorable to the consumers. This would remind a consumer the existence of Thermostat X, when purchasing a related product. When marketing, the main goal is to outshine a competing product. Therefore, the message in the ads should be one that keeps on ringing in the consumer’s mind. Stating the advantages of a product in the message, would increase the chances of purchase, in case it lies in the same place with the other competing product. The advertisements would include the use of a persuasive tone and language to reach the consumers. Human beings are emotional people who do things according to the feelings they need. Marketing is about reaching out to people, and earning their trust. A persuasive tone and language can attract athlete to buy the Thermostat X. The message should convince the buyer why it is important to possess thermostat X. The tone should be an attractive one, which makes the buyer to fall in love with the commodity. Reaching out to consumer’s feelings would assist in convincing them to buy the product. Giving free trials to athletes would be a good way of encouraging consumers to have a try of Thermostat X. This move encourages the consumer to try out a product while limiting the risks involved. Many people do not want to buy a product for the first time, because of fear of not liking it in the end (Schenck 18). Once a company gives out free trial samples, it should then devise a follow up plan that ensures that the customers, who received a free sample, purchase the product. A good follow up plan for Thermostat X would be giving a discount to these consumers, and earn their loyalty. These would turn the one-time buyers of Thermostat X to frequent consumers. To ensure that athletes get to know about the existence of Thermostat X, the ads should be in areas associated with athletes. This would include sporting grounds, stadiums and their clubs. When broadcasting, it should be in stations that air sporting activities, especially when airing games that many athletes watch. Printed ads should be available at the sporting goods stores, and issued to the shoppers that come in. During advertisement, the company would give samples to popular athletes to carry around, and use in other advertisements. The athletes in use would show in their message that Thermostat X is easy to use, light and flexible for the daily athletic activities. Many people love top dress and associate themselves with their favorite athletes. When they see an athlete with a new item, they get tempted to try it out. Such a method would not only attract other athletes, but also attract their fans. In addition, they would show that it is prestigious to own and carry one around. An emotional language would boost a consumer’s attachment to the product and increase freedom of purchase. The audience in question would use recommendation from specialists and other products to seek information on the best product. For that reason, the company should ensure that the relevant specialists are aware of the existence of Thermostat X. The company can have specialists write reviews about Thermostat X, and avail it on the internet. Positive recommendations on a product increase the chances of purchase. Many athletes would use such recommendations during purchase of personal items, which they use during their sporting activities. In conclusion, the above-mentioned communication goals and marketing strategies would assist Thermostat X participate well in the market. Work Cited Saxena. Marketing Management 4E. Chicago: Tata McGraw-Hill Education, 2012. Print. Schenck, Barbara Findlay. Small Business Marketing Kit For Dummies. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2012. Print.

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