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Homework answers / question archive /  submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Comparing two non fiction texts (comparing two texts on travel)

 submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Comparing two non fiction texts (comparing two texts on travel)


 submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Comparing two non fiction texts (comparing two texts on travel). In the last paragraph, the author has posed a challenge to the coach operators to ensure the quality of services which are rendered at the hotels where the food and lodging is arranged. This clearly suggests that the author intends to warn the operators to be careful on their quality of service. However, the text also speaks to the tourists who are planning their holidays. By directly targeting the operators, the author is successful in communicating to a larger audience by advising them to make a smart choice. The author has creatively used a language which very much connects with people who travel. The author is thus assuming that the people reading it will readily understand this language. However, it must be noted here that the article has come up in a magazine exclusively catering for travelers and operators. As being a traveler himself, the attitude of a larger share of the audience is well understood by the author. This is evident in the interesting word choice of the author. The text largely influences both categories of the audience. It while on one side is urging the operators to be careful of their quality, on the other side it warns the travelers of inferior quality of service. The second text, which is an advertisement, intends to cater for fun loving travelers. The advertisement has very less text on it and is communicating to its audience through its vibrant colour and appearance. In that context, the layout of the advertisement has been successful in extending the desired message to the right audience. The target audience of the advertisement is clearly people who are looking for economy travel. The discounts which are being offered are prominently included on both sides of the brochure. The balloons included on the back cover would readily fetch the attention of the intended audience. The text included is aimed to persuade the target audience to avail the services on offer. The caption on the top of the page urges the reader to make use of the available holidays. Different from the first text, here is the reader is not being educated but is being influenced to travel in South Eastern Railway. The scope of entrainment in and around London is well portrayed in the brochure. The descriptions on different places included are also largely persuasive in nature. The author of the first text makes it clear that he is a person with lifelong interest in travel and businesses allied with it. He has stated that he is not an operator. These statements are helping to project the concern the author has towards the problems pointed out. This in turn makes the arguments of the author more legitimate. The article, through four different examples of quality issues in holiday by coach, is keen on suggesting the negative opinion towards the latest developments in the industry discusses. The author substantiates it by contrasting these developments with the pleasant past experiences. However, the author later in the article takes a balanced stand by putting the blame on the hoteliers and not fully on the operators. He even suggests that the quality issues exist even in cases where the operators are really good. The holistic perception that the author shares with the audience is an urgent need of quality check by the operators. Reading between the lines, the travelers are also warned to be careful of the lacunas mentioned.

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