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Kindly help me in solving my assignment


Kindly help me in solving my assignment.1.Google's Project Oxygen started with a fundamental question raised by executives in the early 2000s: do managers matter? The topic generated a multi-year research project that ultimately led to a comprehensive program, built around eight key management attributes, designed to help Google employees become better managers. By November 2012, the program had been in place for several years, and the company could point to statistically significant improvements in managerial effectiveness and performance. Now executives were wondering: how could Google build on the success of this project, extending it to senior leaders, teams, and other constituencies while striving to create truly amazing managers? 



John Park, the owner of 401 Games in Toronto, was wondering where to take his store in the future. One of his product lines, board games, was in the midst of a massive expansion and he was at the forefront in the Toronto market. This provided many opportunities for him to explore. He could expand into online sales, as had most of his competitors. As for his bricks-and-mortar store, he would have the opportunity in the next year to rent out additional space as the second and third floors of his current building would become available. Were he to rent out that space, he thought he would open a board-game café. Another option open to him was to open more stores in other parts of Toronto, or other cities entirely. In addition to overall strategic options, he also had decisions to make about product, promotion and price. 



Sparta Glass Products has been losing significant market share over the last several quarters in the non-glare-glass market, with a price 10% above the competition. Lowering the price is under consideration. Unfortunately, fully allocated costs are such that the lower price results in a loss. Issues to be discussed and analyses to be conducted include the relevant costs for the decision and the reactions from competitors. 



Coffee 2016 asks students to consider the coffee supply chain and generate ideas for what can be done to equalize returns across various stakeholders. The case draws a parallel between coffee and wine. Both beverages encourage connoisseurship, but only wine growers reap a premium for their efforts to ensure quality. The case describes the history of coffee production across the world, the rise of the "third wave" of coffee consumption in the developed world, the efforts of the Illy Company to help coffee growers, and the differences between "fair" trade and direct trade. Faculty have found the case provides a wide canvas to discuss supply chain issues, examine marketing practices, and encourage creative solutions to business problems. 

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