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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Andrew paid $10 for a burger

1) Andrew paid $10 for a burger


1) Andrew paid $10 for a burger. The burgers went on sale and there was a discount of 20%. What was the sale price of the burgers?

2) Emily buys a toaster during the sale for 10% off. If Ellen pays $36, what was the original price?

3) Zack has an old car. He wants to sell it for 60% off the current price. The market price is $500. How much money would he receive in exchange for the car if he were able to sell it at that rate?

4) Drew bought a chemistry book for $30. Later that book was marked down by 20%. By how much has the value been decreased?

5) What is the original price if there is a 10%'discount and the sale price is $76.50?

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