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Homework answers / question archive / EDU 6200 (Teacher as Researcher) Discussion Questions- It's the old chicken before the egg debate

EDU 6200 (Teacher as Researcher) Discussion Questions- It's the old chicken before the egg debate


EDU 6200 (Teacher as Researcher) Discussion Questions-

It's the old chicken before the egg debate.....which process improves instructional methodology: professional development programs or teacher action research?  While this course focuses on the research aspect to improve instructional methodology, it is important to acknowledge the amount of time and expense spent on professional development in schools.  

1. Provide a brief summary of a professional development meeting (NOT A STAFF MEETING) that takes place in your school. After reading the attached article and chapter one of the textbook, describe how you would encourage the administration of your school to find a balance between the established or required professional development plan for the year and opportunities for the staff to conduct action research to address an academic concern in your school.

2. Chapter One Discussion Board: Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Discussions are a great way to clarify misunderstandings and learn from your peers. This is a discussion board assignment, not a text message convo with your friend! Your discussion should be appropriately and professionally worded and error free. You must respond to two posts while the discussion board is open. 

Your response should be completed by Friday so that others have an opportunity to reply.

In addition to your response, you will reply to two classmates' responses.

Complete, thoughtful response to the discussion board requirement (minimum of two paragraphs with at least five sentences per paragraph)    50 pointsResponse to two classmates (Response must be at least 5 sentences long and address the core issues in the classmate’s discussion)    25 points

Discussion boards will close on the due date and will not be reopened.  

Provide?two examples for the terms?qualitative?data?and?quantitative?data. How will collecting these different types of data help you to determine the needs, goals, strategies, and activities to support students' academic success?  

EDU 6600 Organizational Procedures for Special Education Teachers

Discussion questions

3. Over the years, special education has certainly evolved and improved.  When I was in school, which was a long time ago, I remember special eduction being only for children with severe disabilities.  There were about 2 special classes and they were totally segregated from their non disabled peers.  Other children who struggled in school went to the learning lab which was staffed by paraprofessionals.  These students were identified by their teacher as needing some additional instruction in reading and would go to the learning lab for this.  

In 200-300 words describe what you remember about special education programs when you were in school.  Think about who received special education services, the inclusiveness of the services, interaction with non disabled peers, etc.

How has service delivery changed in response to COVID19?  How do you feel about any of these changes?

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