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Homework answers / question archive / Flowchart for these process:  1

Flowchart for these process:  1


Flowchart for these process: 

1. The customer comes with the necessary products to the register.

2. Worker processes money and completes sale

3. If cash is used for payment, the staff member gives the client change and provides a receipt.

4. If a debit or credit card is used to pay, the staff must get online permission before the consumer may sign the receipt.

5. If a QR code payment is made, an employee processes the transaction and issues a receipt to the consumer.

6. The supervisor shuts off the sales terminal and creates a transaction report at the end of the day.

7. The supervisor gives the administrative officer the cash register and the transaction report.

8. The administrative assistant balances the till and logs the sales in the logbook.

9. The administrative assistant creates a deposit slip and puts money in the bank.

10. The manager or assistant manager deposits cash at the bank.

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