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Homework answers / question archive / Module 4 Artifact: Build a functioning dashboard (50 points) that is clear, engaging, and organized (50 points)

Module 4 Artifact: Build a functioning dashboard (50 points) that is clear, engaging, and organized (50 points)


Module 4 Artifact:
Build a functioning dashboard (50 points) that is clear, engaging, and organized (50 points).
Dataset to use for Module 4 artifact (located in Canvas):
Select either the Pharmacy Wholesale or Books Publisher dataset to use for this assignment.
Assignment Requirements
1. You Dashboard Must Contain the Following Design Elements (50 points)
Each letter requirement is worth 5 points
a. Your workbook should contain a minimum of 5, but not more than 10 individual Dashboard tabs (5 points).
Note – When we say, build a dashboard, we are really saying build a workbook containing multiple dashboard tabs that can interact with each other. The collective set of dashboard tabs also is referred to as a dashboard, but it is really a dashboard of dashboards. The Dashboard tab in Tableau is a mechanism that allows you to pull viz worksheets and other design elements onto one page in Tableau.
Note – we are not actually “publishing” this assignment, we are submitting the packaged workbook to Canvas like we did with Module 1 & 2 assignment. The image above shows how each dashboard tab would look if we were to publish to Tableau Public or Tableau Server.
b. Develop a consistent theme that will be applied to each stand-alone dashboard worksheet so each page looks similar in terms of color pallet, font sizing, when bold, italics, & underlying is used, etc. Every dashboard worksheet should have the information below displayed in the same location, usually at the top of the page (5 points)
a. Your Name
b. Semester/Term (I.e. 8W1, Spring 2023)
c. Image of a company logo that you select
d. Default date range of data being displayed.
e. Default filters (if filtered)
See area highlighted with a red dotted line for an example of what your header might look like
c. Leverage each of the following dashboard actions at least once (5 points)
a. Use a single view to filter other views in a dashboard
b. Use multiple views to filter other views in a dashboard
c. Navigate from one view to another view, dashboard, or story
d. Interactively display a web page in a dashboard
Resource #1:
Resource #2:
d. At least 1 visual must contain a tool tip that contains another visual inside it (5 points)
e. At least 1 visual must contain Dimension Hierarchy that allows the user to drill into sub categories within the dashboard (5 points)
f. Leverage each of the following filter types at least once in your collective dashboard (5 points)
a. Date range
b. General
c. Conditional
d. Top
e. At least/At Most
g. At least 1 dashboard tab, preferably the first page, must contain summarized KPIs (BANs) of the most important figures (5 points)
h. At least one viz in the dashboard must be built using a table calculation (5 points)
i. Leverage each of the following references at least once in your dashboard (5 points)
a. Reference line
b. Reference Band
c. Reference Distribution
j. At least one of your visuals should contain highlighting capabilities (5 points)
2. Dashboard structure, organization, and aesthetics (50 points)
a. Demonstrate you can minimize unnecessary cognitive load in your dashboard
a. using consistent formatting (punctuation, font size, color, annotation methods, spacing, indentation, filter locations, etc.)
b. eliminating clutter (overlapping labels, oversized fonts, too much color, etc.)
c. eliminate distractions (misalignments, blurry pictures, unnecessary complexity, wordy, etc.)
b. The information on your dashboard tabs should be reasonably organized. I.e. data makes sense being communicated together.
c. While perfection is not expected, demonstrate your intention to make it as easy as possible to navigate your dashboard.
a. Indicate if something can be clicked to cause some type of action
b. Clear Dashboard & Chart Titles
c. Indicate if additional information can be found by hovering over a data point (tool tips)
Submission Requirements
1. 2 files should be submitted as part of this assignment; a Packaged Tableau Workbook & PDF
a. File Name: FirstName_LastName_M4Dashboard
b. Hide individual worksheets so only the dashboard tabs are visible
c. Resource:
d. Make sure the ‘Landing Page’ is the furthermost left tab
e. .twb files will not be accepted, you must submit a .twbx file
f. The assignment will be considered late if both file types are not submitted

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