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Homework answers / question archive /  FUNCTIONAL SKILLS (20 MARKS) Imagine that you are the Organizing Secretary of Virginia Mwende's Graduation Party

 FUNCTIONAL SKILLS (20 MARKS) Imagine that you are the Organizing Secretary of Virginia Mwende's Graduation Party


 FUNCTIONAL SKILLS (20 MARKS) Imagine that you are the Organizing Secretary of Virginia Mwende's Graduation Party. Mwende has graduated with a First Class Honours Degree from the University of Nairobi. a) Design an invitation card to be sent to the guests (12mks) b) congratulatory note to Mwende to be presented on that day (8mks) 2. CLOZE TEST Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with an appropriate word Alcohol impacts people and societies in different (1)__________________ and is determined by the (2) _________________ of alcohol consumed, the pattern of drinking, and, on rare occasions, the quality of alcohol (3)_________________. Alcohol is a psychoactive substance and its harmful use is known (4) _________________________ have dependence - producing properties and cause (5) ____________________ than 200 diseases among drinkers as well as devastating effects to innocent victims such as unborn children. Drinking alcohol (6)_______________________ pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, preterm birth, still birth, spontaneous abortion, and contribute to a range of disabilities known (7) ____________________ foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). FASD is an umbrella term (8) _______________________ to an array of conditions involving impairments of the growth and development of the central (9)______________________ system caused by (10) ________________ intake during pregnancy. (Adapted from DN2 - The Daily Nation 19th May 2015) 3. ORAL SKILLS Read the poem and answer the questions that follow. I SEE HIS BLOOD UPON THE ROSE by Joseph Plunkett I see his blood upon the rose, And in the stars the glory of his eyes, His body gleams amid eternal snows, His tears fall from the skies. I see his face in every flower; The thunder and the singing of the birds Are but his voice - and carven by his power Rocks are his written words All pathways by his feet are worn, His strong heart stirs the ever beating sea His crown of thorns is twined with every thorn, His cross is every tree. i) Describe the rhyme scheme of the poem (2mks) ii) Which words would you stress in the last two lines of the last stanza and why? (2mks) iii) Apart from rhyme, identify and illustrate one sound device in this poem (2mks) iv) Give two effects of the above sound pattern (2mks) v) How would you say the last line of the poem (2mks) b) For each of the following words, underline the silent letters (i) Juice (ii) Solemn (iii)Island (3mks) c) Identify the intonation that would be present in the following sentences (4mks) (i) What deal did the two agree on? (ii) Did you see the summary? 101/1,101/2,101/3 English (iii)I have donated more blood (iv) The farmer harvests much, doesn't he? d) Give the meaning of the following sentences when the underlined words are stressed. (i) James was humbled by the experience (ii) James was humbled by the experience (iii)James was humbled by the experience
1. Read the passage below then answer the questions that follow (20mks) Problem drinkers and alcoholics pay severe penalties for their drinking. It has been estimated that alcoholics are likely to die ten to twelve years sooner than non-alcoholics half die before the age of fifty, which is one reason there are so few elderly alcoholics. The mortality rate (that is, the number of persons per 100,000 who die each year) among alcoholics is more than two and a half times higher than that of the general population. Alcoholics often die violent circumstances; serious accidents, homicide, and suicide are not uncommon. This, together with the physical deterioration accompanying alcoholism, helps explain the limits on life expectancy. No one really knows how many deaths are directly attributed to drinking, and all such statistics are estimates. One reason for our limited knowledge is that many physicians do not report alcoholism as the main cause of death out of concern for the feelings of the family of the deceased. Research on the physiological effects of alcoholism has increased in the last few years. Heavy drinking is known to be associated with various types of cancer, particularly among persons who also use tobacco. Alcohol abuse also increases the probability of hypertension, stroke and coronary heart disease. Alcoholics frequently suffer illness and death from cirrhosis of the liver, a disease in which the liver becomes fatty, scarred, and incapable of functioning normally. In large urban areas, cirrhosis is the fourth most common cause of death among men aged twenty-five to forty-five. Alcohol affects the brain, often permanently damaging the mental functioning of alcoholics. Drinking may reduce the number of living cells in the brain. Since brain cells do not grow back, alcoholics may suffer from organic psychosis (a mental illness traceable to brain damages), loss of memory, and poor physical and mental coordination. One out of four persons who are admitted to mental hospitals are diagnosed as alcoholics and 40 percent of all admissions are alcohol related. Many of the alcoholic inmates are unlikely to recover. The unborn children of female alcoholics are subject to harm from drinking in what is called foetal alcohol syndrome. Because alcohol tends to be a substitute for a balanced diet, alcoholics are often malnourished. Consequently, the infants of alcoholic women are likely to be less healthy and less well developed than other babies. Moreover, when a pregnant woman drinks, so, in effect, does her foetus. The new born children of alcoholic women may die shortly after birth unless they are medically treated from the shock to their systems for suddenly being cut off from alcohol. Furthermore, the impact of alcohol on the woman and her foetus is a major cause of birth defects and originally based mental deficiency among the newborn. The effects of foetal alcohol syndrome on the children of female alcoholics are usually chronic and may be permanently disabling. Clearly, it is not too much of an exaggeration to say that alcohol kills and mains people. When abused, alcohol is a highly dangerous drug. Questions (i) What are the major causes of death among alcoholics? (2mks) (ii) Which reason does the writer give as to why physicians do not report alcoholic related deaths? (2mks) (iii) One out of four persons who are admitted to mental hospitals are diagnosed as alcoholics. (Rewrite using a few..................) (2mks) (iv) Alcoholics often die under violent circumstances.... (add a question tag) (1mk) (v) What is the attitude of the writer towards people who abuse alcohol (3mks) (vi) Explain what the following sentence means. Alcohol tends to be a substrate for a balanced diet (2mks) (vii) Make notes on the effects of alcohol to expectant mothers and their children (4mks) (viii) Supply a suitable title for the passage (1mk) (ix) Explain the meanings of the following words and phrases as used in the passage (3mks) a) Attributable b) Scarred 101/1,101/2,101/3 English c) Statistics 2. The Caucasian Chalk Circle: Literary Appreciation (25mks) Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow: GRUSHA : Simon! SIMON : Is that Grusha Vasnadze? GRUSHA : Simon! SIMON (formally): A good morning to the young lady. I hope she is well. GRUSHA (getting up and bowing low): A good morning to the soldier. God be thanked he has returned in good health. SIMON : They found better fish, so they didn't eat me said the haddock GRUSHA : Courage, said the kitchen boy. Good luck, said the hero SIMON : How are things here? Was the winter bearable? The neighbor considerate? GRUSHA : The winter was a trifle rough, the neighbor as usual Simon. SIMON : May one ask if a certain person still dips her toes in the water when rinsing the linen? GRUSHA : The answer is no. Because of the eyes in the bushes. SIMON : The young lady is speaking of soldiers. Here stands the paymaster GRUSHA : A job worth twenty piasters? SIMON : And lodgings? GRUSHA (with tears in her eyes) : Behind the barracks under the date trees SIMON : Yes there. A certain person has kept her eyes open GRUSHA : She has, Simon. SIMON : And has not forgotten? (GRUSHA shakes her head) So the door is still on its hinges as they say? (GRUSHA looks at him in silence and shakes her head again) What's this? Is anything not as it should be? GRUSHA : Simon Shashava, I can never return to Nuka. Something has happened. SIMON : What can have happened? GRUSHA : For one thing, I knocked an Ironshirt down GRUSHA : Simon Shashava, I am no longer called what I used to be called SIMON (after a pause):I do not understand GRUSHA : When do women change their names, Simon? Let me explain. Nothing stands between us. Everything is just as it was. You must believe that. SIMON : Nothing stands between us and yet there is something? GRUSHA : How can I explain it so fast and with the stream between us? Couldn't you cross the bridge there? SIMON : Maybe it's no longer necessary GRUSHA : It is very necessary. Come over on this side, Simon. Quick! SIMON : Does the young lady wish to say someone has come too late? a) Place this excerpt in its immediate context (4mks) b) Where is this scene taking place (1mk) c) Discuss the relationship between Grusha and Simon in this excerpt (4mks) d) "May one ask if a certain person still dips her toes in the water when rinsing the linen?" In which other scene does Simon use the very words to Grusha? Explain what was happening in that scene (3mks) e) Grusha says she cannot go to Nuka because something has happened. Explain. (3mks) f) Describe the character trait of Simon as brought out in this excerpt (4mks) g) Explain the meaning of the following saying and word as used in the excerpt i) They found better fish, so they didn't eat me, said the haddock (2mks) ii) Gaily (1mk) h) Identity and illustrate the major theme present in this excerpt (3mks)

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