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Homework answers / question archive / Please answer the following discussion questions below

Please answer the following discussion questions below


Please answer the following discussion questions below . All answers must be 7-10 sentences per question. Also, each question must contain at least one scholarly reference. Please no plagiarism. Remember, this is not an essay, please keep all answers separate.


1. Adolescents process information and make decisions differently than in other developmental periods during the lifespan. Explain how and why this is the case. Provide specific examples.






2. How can the teacher support or guide adolescent students in restoring hope and concern for the common good within their community?  Provide examples of how that work would promote student learning and well-being.



3. What are some of the effects that trauma can have on adolescent development (emotionally, socially, and cognitively)? Identify a trauma that an adolescent might face (bullying, death, divorce, anxiety, etc.) and then explain the effects of this trauma on how adolescents develop emotionally, socially, and cognitively.




4. How can technology motivate learning, support student success, and spark innovation, effective communication, and research? Identify 2-3 digital tools that effectively support student learning. Rationalize your choices.




5. As an educator, you will encounter students who do not want to be in school and do not want your help. How will you reach these students? Describe 2-3 practices or interventions that will help in creating a positive classroom environment and motivate this type of student.




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