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Homework answers / question archive / Time Management In order to fulfill your goal of completing this program successfully, you must manage your time effectively

Time Management In order to fulfill your goal of completing this program successfully, you must manage your time effectively


Time Management

In order to fulfill your goal of completing this program successfully, you must manage your time effectively. Though time management may seem like a basic skill, being new to graduate school may require that you revisit some of your habits associated with it. Additionally, effective time management skills will help you achieve any goal, whether personal or professional. During the first seven weeks of the course, you have gotten a sense of how much time you will need to devote to a graduate-level course in this program. Based on this information, it is possible you may need to make a first or second-order change to manage your time better.

Note:  The resources provided this week discuss first and second-order change. First-order change refers to a temporary change that does not affect the structure of a system. While a second-order change will affect the whole structure of the system and will, therefore, be more permanent.

Review the resources listed below (and previously provided resources, as needed) to prepare for this week’s assignments. The resources may include textbook reading assignments, journal articles, websites, links to tools or software, videos, handouts, rubrics, etc.

Spotlight on Skills: Preparing a Discussion Post

To view the Spotlight on Skills, go to the Course Resources module in the table of contents and click on Spotlight on Skills.


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List of Topics and Sub-Modules for Week 8

· Week 8 - Discussion: Evaluate Your Time Management Skills

Discussion Topic



For this assignment, you will participate in a time management self-evaluation. The entire activity will take you approximately 10 to 12 hours of dedicated focus to complete, so plan accordingly. The goal is to track your activities and time spent on each one for one day. You may use a free app on your smart device, a calendar template, an Excel spreadsheet, or another program. You may even take simple handwritten notes to complete your discussion entry.

As part of this assignment, evaluate your current use of your time and consider what changes you may need to make. Did you take too long getting ready in the morning? Do you feel that you should wake a little earlier to start your day? Perhaps reduce the number of hours spent on entertainment such as television shows? Numerous activities take your time throughout the day, which you may not even realize.

What you are required to submit this week is a discussion post that addresses the following prompts:

· Consider your time in the program, and then provide an example of what works and what does not in your current time management practices.

· Identify times in the past when you struggled with time management. Explain how you resolved the situation.

· Consider successful time management stories from your past, and then identify at least three changes you would like to make to your current time management practices. For each of the three changes, identify if they are first-order changes or second-order changes with an explanation as to how you arrived at this conclusion. 

Length: 250-500 words 

Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where appropriate.

Post your discussion by clicking on  Start a New Thread, and then click the  Post button when you have completed your response.


· Tips on time management [Video file].

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· Being perfect and asking for help [Video file].

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· Work life balance [Video file].

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