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[6+4] [10] [5+5] [5+5] 3


[6+4] [10] [5+5] [5+5] 3. 4. 5. 6. (A) Given an arithmetic sequence _ 60 , _ 56 , _52 , _48 , _44, ............. Find the 200th term and the sum of the ?rst 200th terms of the arithmetic sequence (B) Find the 16th term of the geometric sequence i 71 1 ......... ———: ——a 64 32 16 For services rendered, an attorney accepts a 90 day note for $5, 500 at 8% simple interest from a client (both interest and principal are repaid at the end of 90 days). Wishing to use her money sooner , the attorney sells the note to a third party for $5,560 after 30 days. What annual interest rate will the third party receive for the investment? A company estimates that it will have to replace a piece of equipment at a cost of $800 ,000 in 5 years. To have this money available in 5 years, a sinking fund is established by making equal monthly payments into an account paying 6.6% compounded monthly. (A) How much should each payment be? (B) How much interest is earned during the last year? If you borrow $500 that you agree to repay in six equal monthly payments at 1% interest per month on the unpaid balance, how much of each monthly payment is used for interest and how much is used to reduce the unpaid balance?


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