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The file person

Computer Science

The file person.c depends on person.h. The reasons are: 1. person.h contains the data structure required by person.c. Thus, if the data structure was modified then the code should be aware of it; and 2. Person.h contains the prototypes of the functions in person.c. Thus , if the functions parameter were changed then they should be updated in the person.h. 2.1 .Creating the rule for person.c Add the following entries to your Makefile. This means that the target is person.c (we would like to create person.o) and that a change to any of the files person.c, person.h or mystat.h will trigger the rule gcc person.c person.c: persan.h mystat.h gcc person.c Note the rule was indented using the tab. 2.2.Modify the file person .h in order to ensure that it is newer than person .c. Here you can either use the touch command as touch person.h or modify person.h and save it (e.g., by adding a space to person.h

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