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XYZ Bottling (Pty) Ltd


XYZ Bottling (Pty) Ltd. XYZ Bottling (Pty) Ltd is a bottling plant in Cape Town Central. They source 100% recycled glass bottles from local manufactures, fill them with no name branded cola drink and distribute them across South Africa.  XYZ Bottling (Pty) Ltd employees 250 employees, including receptionist, admin clerks, supply chain managers, accounts managers and supervisors. In 2017, XYZ Bottling (Pty) Ltd imported a series of state?of?the?art bottling equipment's and control software to increase their productivity and efficiency.
Q.4.1) A content approach to motivation, tries to determine the things that actually motivate people to do their jobs. Different content approached to motivation includes Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Alderfer's ERG theory, Hertzberg's two? factor theory and McClelland's learnt?needs theory.  Discuss, with examples, Alderfer's ERG theory of motivation. Use the receptionist profile at XYZ Bottling (Pty) Ltd in your examples.(10 marks)
Q.4.2) Doing things better is one of the functions of Operations Management. With the use of examples, discuss the other five functions of operations management in a company such as XYZ Bottling (Pty) Ltd. Tip: three marks per function to a maximum of 15 marks. Marks are awarded for the use of own examples. (15) 

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