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Homework answers / question archive / 8-2 Case Study 4: Monsanto Company Roundup

8-2 Case Study 4: Monsanto Company Roundup


8-2 Case Study 4: Monsanto Company Roundup. Questions are attached along with the Rubric. Monsanto Company Roundup Case Study Questions What is the underlying accounting and financial reporting concept at issues as described in EITF Issue No. 01-9 with respect to the way Monsanto accounted for customer rebates? Explain in your own words how Monsanto’s accounting led to materially misstated financial statements. Given that Monsanto was under great pressure from competitors that sold generic brands similar to Roundup, would you characterize the Monsanto situation as a business failure, and or an audit failure? Explain. Of what value are the ethics and compliance requirements agreed to by Monsanto? Do you believe all companies that experience financial fraud should be required to institute such changes? Can such requirements change the culture of a global company such as Monsanto? Do you believe restated financial statements should be audited by a different firm than the one that prepared the original financials? Why or why not? Consider cost and benefits in your analysis.

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