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Homework answers / question archive / Executive summary (1 page)  What is your business idea?

Executive summary (1 page)  What is your business idea?


Executive summary (1 page) 

What is your business idea?

.What did you do to test your business idea (e.g., interview, survey, prototype...)?

Describe your future milestones with time frame (i.e. action plans).

Final decision: go or no go or need further test`

i need executive summary of this idea below 

Curly confidence is a personalized hair service company that produces customized products based on the needs of our customers. Our primary channel of distribution will be our website. The first thing which will be included in the website will be a pre designed questionnaire where customers will have the opportunity to inform us of their needs and wants. In the questionnaire, we will have an option where customers will be able to upload pictures of their hair texture. We will have experts who will have a look at the pictures and will customize products according to the requirement of the customers hair. We will create a package unique to the customer containing products from shampoo and conditioner to curl cream and hairspray. Customers will be able to choose which products they’d like in bundles.

This package will also come with a step-by-step guide on how to use each product as each product requires a different technique of application to obtain optimal results. Techniques may include scrunching, diffusing or just running the product through the hair.

Also we will be having a monthly subscription fee where the customer will be paying an amount which will be decided by the surveys which we have distributed amongst the people. In the subscription, customized packages will be sent on a routine basis set by the customers. Once the customer will have used their customized product, we will send them a refill but at a much lower price. 

Customers will the option to purchase their custom formula on a subscription basis or a one time purchase

If customers would like to choose a more eco-friendly route, they can mail back our glass bottles for a refill of their custom formula at a discounted price. This will be discussed more in our revenue model section..

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