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an research paper on argument analysis


an research paper on argument analysis. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. Argument Analysis Essay In “On Racist Speech”, Charles R. Lawrence III presents the claim that racist speech, especially on college and university campuses, should be regulated and fought against. He argues that while Americans have the right to speak freely and without censoring themselves, as outlined in the First Amendment, racist speech should not be included since it is used with the intent to injure the person who is receiving the insult. However, the First Amendment protects racist speech, forcing minority groups to “bear the burden for the good of all (Lawrence)” as the purpose of protecting racist speech is to exercise the freedom of thought and expression. This is the foundation of the First Amendment. Lawrence presents a strong and compelling argument because he begins his essay with a powerful, believable thesis and includes many supportive examples. The thesis of his essay can be found in the second paragraph, which clearly states his position against the First Amendment protecting the use of verbal racial insults. The author opens with what is essentially the counterargument, pointing out the importance of the First Amendment protecting racist speech. The claim is that the amendment allows it because verbal assault is supposedly not as destructive as physical assault. Lawrence then leads into why the amendment should not protect racial slurs, using minority college students as prime examples to show how damaging allowing verbal racism can be. The thesis of the essay is strongly supported as Lawrence refers to the case of Brown vs. Board of Education throughout the essay. Lawrence acknowledges that Brown has little to do with the argument of racist speech, but was able to make connections that truly benefited and supported what Lawrence was arguing for. “The landmark case of Brown vs.

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