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venezuela? 1


venezuela? 1. Inflation. Hyper Inflation. Introduction of the topic - Saurav 2. Background of the topic title. History of the Venezuela inflation like when why how it started. Random fact like numbers how much loss profit everything year by year. = Manpreet Mahi. 3. Solid and clear Cause of inflation in Venezuela. At least 4 cause needed. = Gurvinder singhe. 4. Effect relate to history on all people, government, businesses and everybody else effected. = 5. Possible and expected expert Solution from overcoming this issue of inflation." Manpreet Mahi. 6. Conclusion = Mr Salaria Saurav 12:43 AM 

6- You are an efficiency expert hired by a manufacturing firm that uses K and L as inputs. The firm produces and sells a given output. If cost of labor (w) - $40, cost of capital (c)-$100, MPL - 4, and MPK - 40 the firm: a) is cost minimizing, b) should use less L and more to cost minimize. c) should use more K and less L to cost minimize. dy is profit maximizing but not cost minimizing Kapat ? Sinav? Bitir

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