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Homework answers / question archive / I enjoyed reading and understanding more of Under Armour, they are our sponsor at the school I work for so I wear a lot of Under Armour

I enjoyed reading and understanding more of Under Armour, they are our sponsor at the school I work for so I wear a lot of Under Armour


I enjoyed reading and understanding more of Under Armour, they are our sponsor at the school I work for so I wear a lot of Under Armour. After reading and learning more about the four C's I feel they view their product and marketing different from the others. Their consumers reach all from professional athletes to the weekend warriors to young kids. Athleisure wear has become more popular now and seems everyone is wearing now as a day to day. Their major competitors are any company that is in athletic apparel, Nike, Adidas, Lululemon to name a few. One way they have expanded their company base is by creating a selling a product that doesn't just feel good but performs better and solves problems that athletes face day to day. Under Armour didn't just go with catchy phrase but they connect to the day to day person, knowing we all face obstacles and adversity. Under Armour relates with your normal citizens and not just high end athletes. When I first heard and saw Under Armour what made them popular was their gear for cold weather. Having apparel that fit comfortable and tight fitting but would keep you warm in the cold weather became very popular. Now they have gear for all extremes of weather from cold, hot, windy, etc. Kenneth We must protect this house! This was the catch phrase and hype videos that Under Armour used to play to motivate the athletes and the buyers at home to buy their products. What is fascinating is that most of us remember when Under Armour only made the wicker hot and cold shirts. One for the heat days that stayed lightweight and would not drench with sweat and the cold gear was for the cold days to keep you warm . Then they started evolving into all gear. The consumers that surround Under Armour brand are athletes of all ages and sizes. They have stuff for the youth boys and girls, and for the adult men and women. You dont have to be an athlete to buy the gear, as they sell stuff for a casual gym session or a functioning yoga session or for just a morning walk. The major competitors for Under Armour are the names that we associate with sports and gear. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, New Balance are all in the same athletic market. However in the casual market there are companies like Lululemon which mostly sells yoga pants and running pants. Jockey, Hanes, and even Calvin Klein sell undergarments and other types of similar spandex which interferes with Under Armour in this market. One of the strategies Under Armour used originally to grow its customer base was that the founder, who was a former football player, handed out shirts and gear to his professional buddies and and let word of mouth and the cameras from television be his advertising. He ended up getting deals from 2 teams because of this. The Under Armour company is unique because of their technology with apparel in the sports and fitness world. People loved the fact they could workout hard and push themselves and their clothes would stay dry and not get baggy and prevent them from being at their best. They had a slogan that said "let your clothes make you better." The climate of sport apparel helped enable Under Armour because they were the first to do what they did with the wicking technology in sports clothing. I think they came into the world at the right time. People have really been into fitness and exercise and comfort fitting apparel in the last 25 years and Under Armour has been in that market dominating. Recently however they have gotten away from the muscle jocks as their models and moved into the contemporary fitness approach. They have had to change their lifestyle brands because people want gym clothes now that can double as a night out with friends. So overall I believe they were just in the market at the right time but adjustments will need to be made if they are to stick around. Colin

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