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Part I: Short Answer 1


Part I: Short Answer

1. Food becomes intertwined with Place in a variety of ways. Briefly explain how this happens for each of the list items below. Be sure to explain what these concepts mean, and give examples for each that show how place and food are connected:

a.Urban gentrification

b. Migrant labor communities

c.Regional Identity

d. Agricultural landscapes

e. Food-based rituals, festivals, traditions, or place branding

Part II: Essays

2. In America, we generally privilege economics over all else. This means we prefer the most we can get for the least amount of money (even though, sometimes, we aren’t really getting a “good deal” when we factor in the hidden costs for those inexpensive items). Explain how this preference contributes to our eating habits, our food traditions, our health, and a “food culture” in the United States.

3. What do Michael Pollan and others mean when they say we should think of food not as a “thing” but a relationship? What is a relationship with food? How does that way of thinking affect economic, environmental, cultural, and nutritional dimensions of food? Provide some examples to illustrate your discussion.

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