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Homework answers / question archive / The interview has been conducted and I posted the answers along with the questions

The interview has been conducted and I posted the answers along with the questions


The interview has been conducted and I posted the answers along with the questions.

You have been asked to serve as an HR Consultant and conduct an analysis of the workplace culture in an organization of your choice. Prepare a list of 10-15 questions for the interview that are related to the areas of employee/labor relations, employee engagement, high performance work organizations, and building trust. As part of your preparations for the interview, research best practices in each of those areas and how they align with organizational strategy and success.

Be prepared to ask follow-up questions based on the answers provided by your interviewee. If you are conducting your interview via email, you should ask at least 5 to 7 follow-up questions in order to engage more fully in a dialogue with your interviewee. Carefully consider how your initial list of questions might create these opportunities for further discussion.

Upon the completion of your interview, create a slide presentation for the board of directors that compares the existing state of the organization to best practices that develop and sustain a healthy workplace culture. Include your interview questions in your presentation. As part of your slide presentation to the board of directors, develop and present recommendations and action plans that have the potential to improve the workplace culture of the organization.


  • Conduct a 30-minute interview with a Human Resources Manager, Director, or VP at an organization of your choice.
  • Develop a 12-15 slide presentation, not including the title and reference pages, or the interview questions/responses, which are required.
  • Include your interview and follow-up questions in your presentation.
  • Each PP slide must contain note slides explaining the slide's content and conform to the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).
  • Include a formal reference page. This is an individual presentation, however, you should reflect on our discussion forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.
    • A scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article
    • A government-based website or publication
    • A trade or industry journal article, publication, or website, including those from trade organizations such as and

Running Head: Organizational Interview 1. How are your benefits competitive for this type of organization among others in the area? a. Bronxworks offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits package that is above average for non-profit work. We offer a starting salary for Case Managers across all of our programs that if on average 4% higher than other organizations in the area. The Organization also pays for 90% of employer health insurance and provides fully vested 401K after twelve months of service. Another perk is the ability to contribute towards an HSA, travel reimbursement, short term and long term life insurance as well as Bronxworks does seem to have a very attractive benefits package, with that in mind, the workforce is shifting and priorities of employees are also shifting. What is Bronxworks doing to accommodate this? i) Those are just a few of the benefits we offer and we are constantly looking at our employee needs and adjusting based on that. For example, a few years back we did not offer commuter benefits, living in a place like New York however we soon realized being able to afford transportation was very important and we began working on strategies to help employees keep the most of their money while having to commute to work daily. 2. How is compensation calculated? a. Pay rates and salary ranges are determined by individual’s level of education, knowledge, skill, and experience. We also look at the national average salary for each position and we strive to be above average in order to attract top talent. 3. Has the organization thought about changing any aspect of their health and wellness programs? a. At the moment we feel that we are offering what our employees need and have not thought about making adjustments. This is not to say that in the future it will not happen, however based on employee feedback we feel we are offering the best we can. 4. How is top-talent recruited? ii) We understand our organization works with children, teens, adult and families in general that need a little more help than others out there so it is very important for us as an organization that our employees understand and share our vision and mission. Our job description is our job. We conduct thorough interviews and ensure that our candidates are fully aware of what the job entails and they are comfortable with what we have to offer for their service. Every job has unprecedented events that require individuals work and offer beyond what is on the job description. How is this explained to candidates? iii) It is known that every job will require extra duties not listed on the job description, candidates know that while other duties may not be listed they are expected to be carried out. Everything we ask if within their job title, we maintain strict boundaries between job titles. 5. Does the company have employee surveys? If so, how is the data managed and used to implement or change policies? Organizational Interview a. While company surveys are not implemented we do encourage our employees to reach out to us at any time. They can do it anonymously and without fear of reprisal. We appreciate any and all feedback that we receive. Feedback is obviously important for the company to thrive, why are employee engagement surveys not implemented? iv) We feel that if we give clients a sheet of paper and ask them specific questions about the organization we are going to get the answers we want and the answers we need. 6. How does the company measure and manage success? a. Success is measures by our clients and how their needs are met. How many we are able to house and keep housed over a period of time. How many individuals we refer to services in a given month and if we meet our quotas. b) So it’s all about the numbers, is it fair to say that in a way, the organization is compromising quality in order to get quantity? I wouldn’t say that but we do like numbers since our funders and the amount depends on what services we are providing and to how many individuals we are providing them to. The higher the numbers the more funding we are able to receive which in turn gives the organization more resources to assist the population we serve. We want quantity as well as quality. 7. How does HR contribute to the overall company culture? a. Our Human resources department goes above and beyond to contribute to the company and the culture within. Our HR department is constantly looking for innovative ways to keep open communication and make our employees feel valued and heard. Can you provide examples? (1) For example, in the beginning of the pandemic the safety of our employees came first. We closed down the office and allowed remote work for every program that had that capability. For those who were not able to, we ensures the highest quality and safety standards were in place so our employees did not feel they were being compromised for the sake of the company. We also provided technology to assist our employees with their work so they did not have to utilize their own resources. From cellphones, to laptops to Mi-Fi devices for internet. We provided it all. 8. How do you stay current and ensure compliance with employment laws? a. As an organization we have our attorney that keeps us all updated on current and former laws and possible future legislation. We speak on current issues and look for ways to combat problems before they arise. Preparation is key. 9. What steps do you take to ensure there is equality and diversity in the organization? a. Through our hiring process. We look for qualifications regardless of cultural background. We believe everyone is capable to doing great things and we ensure that our hiring process is bias free. How is this ensured? There are multiple individuals involved in the hiring process and most of them do not meet the individual until the date of hire. All we see is qualifications, skills and abilities and the impression left on previous interviews. Having multiple people involved in the process decreased bias. 10. As the company expands, what is one of the biggest challenges you have faced and how did you go about it? Organizational Interview a. Maintaining it and staying competitive. We are one of hundreds if not thousands of organizations within the state that have the same goal in mind. Staying afloat can be very difficult especially if we do not have the right policies and strategies strengthening our vision. We have had many downfalls which have taught us that organizations sometimes need a change. We started from the bottom with few resources and have been able to connect to hundreds of providers making us a well-known organization in New York City. One of our biggest challenges was finding the right team to help the company thrive. We have been grateful enough as an organization to have found the right people but getting to where we are entailed hard work and dedication on everyone’s part. On the good and bad days, we stuck together because we all had the same goal, to make this organization the best one to be a part of.

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