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Business Marketing Management-(BUSS-8-2011) - Spring-2021-CW 2-QP ???? ????? ?????? Middle East College IN SEMESTER (INDIVIDUAL) ASSIGNMENT Module Code:BUSS B.2011 Module Name: Marketing Management Level 2 Max. Maris: 100 Instructions to Student Answer all questions . Deadline of submission: 8/6/2021 23:59 The marks received on the assignment will be scaled down to the actual weightage of the assignment which is 50 marks Formative feedback on the complete assignment draft will be provided if the draft is submitted at least 10 days before the final submission date. Proposal Submission the latest by 6/5/2021 Feedback after final evaluation will be provided by 22/6/2021 Module Learning Outcomes The student achieves the following LOs by completing the assignment successfully 1. Understand the role of Marketing within the context of an organization and the different business orientations that a business can adopt. 2. Demonstrate and understand the application of marketing mix Assignment Objective This module aims to provide a basic understanding of the nature, scope and purpose of marketing in an organization, and to apply marketing concepts and theory to the solving of simple marketing problems. MEC_AMO TEM_035_02 Page 1 of 14 Marketing Management-fuss-8-2011) - Spring-2021-CW 2-QP Assignment Tasks #1 Submit a work proposal for this assignment or before 6/5/2021 (23:59) which must include: Understanding of deliverables - a detail description of deliverables. General overview of proposed plan - initial understanding of solution to task2. Timeline for completion of the given tasks and two journals as a references, The work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available in Moodle (5 Marks) 1 +

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