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Homework answers / question archive / Read Chapter 6 pages 164-173 in your On Course textbook

Read Chapter 6 pages 164-173 in your On Course textbook


Read Chapter 6 pages 164-173 in your On Course textbook. In this section you will learn to recognize when you are off course. You will also become aware of your self-sabotaging behaviors. Everyone gets off course at times, but those who are self-aware can make a course correction to stay on track to reach their goals.


  1. Write a paragraph about an area of your life in which you are off course today. In other words, discuss something in your life where you need/want to improve. You can choose an example from any part of your life. For instance, you can discuss school, work, home, personal relationships, relationships with yourself and your goals, etc., Be descriptive and explain it in detail. Dive deep and be sure to answer the following questions:
    • What will be the effect on your life if you continue to stay off course?
    • What self-sabotaging behaviors may get in your way to make this change?
    • What changes can you make in order to get back on course

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