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Homework answers / question archive /  Essay 3 Prompt-Social Justice Issue here

 Essay 3 Prompt-Social Justice Issue here


 Essay 3 Prompt-Social Justice Issue here. This essay should be a revised and polished version of the peer review rough draft.

As a reminder:

  • Your essay should identify a social issue that is central to the current times.
  • Your essay should include research on the possible origin and/or cause of the social issue. Your job is to look into the historical context from which the social issue emerged.
  • Your essay should include your stance on the social issue with evidence to support your reasoning and thorough analysis of how the evidence supports your reasoning.
  • Your essay should include five (5) credible sources that you select.
    1. At least two (2) sources must be located through the library’s databases
    2. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source.
  • Your essay should be well-structured with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
    1. Below is a list of components to include:
      1. Introduction: introduce and familiarize your reader with the social issue you plan to tackle/analyze/complicate
      2. History: research the origin and/or root cause of your chosen single story.
      3. Argument: provide evidence to support your stance on the issue. You must also include a counterargument and rebuttal to make your argument more well-rounded.
        1. Each argument paragraph should follow PIEIE structure, where the Point is a sub-claim/reason, the Information is cited evidence from the sources you found in your research, and the Explanation is analysis of those quotes.
      4. Conclusion: explain the significance of the work you have just completed. Why is it important that we talk about your social issue? What are possible solutions to the problem?

NOTE: Since you are citing sources, don’t forget your Works Cited page.


For information on how this essay will be graded, please review the rubric below.

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