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Homework answers / question archive / Assignment: Watch The History of The American Musical

Assignment: Watch The History of The American Musical


Assignment: Watch The History of The American Musical. In it's entirely, this video runs almost 6 hours long! ...... so spread it out, watch it, come back to it, or if you can't turn away like me, watch the whole thing through! I promise you a magnificent feast! You will come away with an appreciation and understanding for musicals unlike you've had before. -- even you who roll your eyes! Trust me.

  • This is your last assignment beside your Final quiz.
  • Choose one musical discussed in this video and discuss the importance of that musical as it relates to the history of musical.
  • 3-4 pages
  • MLA format
  • include images and a works cited page (work cited page is not included in the 3 pages).
  • You must use supporting material from the video.

Page I: Address the history of musical theatre.

Page II: Address diversity and it's leadership in the creation of the American Musical.

Page III: Choose one show/musical discussed in this video and write about its importance to the contribution of the American Musical.

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