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Homework answers / question archive / Welcome to Week 5 of GP210 American Government

Welcome to Week 5 of GP210 American Government


Welcome to Week 5 of GP210 American Government.  The readings this week are Chapter 12 The Presidency: Leading the Nation and Chapter 13 The Federal Bureaucracy: Administering the Government. This week is one of my favorite topics as I know the role and importance of the President but is there fair judgement for the person serving in this high capacity.Last week we took look at the other two branches of government, Article I, the most power branch the Congress and Article III, the Judicial branch, the third most important and very necessary branch.Now we move to the face of the country, the president of the United States and the Departments that make up the Executive Branch that carry out the laws put forth by Congress and found to be Constitutional by the Court.

Submit your rough draft of your final paper.

Criteria for Success

·                Review the Week 5 Final Research Paper Outline Worksheet

·                Include evidence from at least three text sources in your response

·                Use 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double spacing

·                Sources must be correctly formatted according to APA 7th Edition guidelines. You must use both in-text citations and provide a reference page.

·                Excluding the cover page and references, your paper must be at least 2 pages of written text.

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