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Homework answers / question archive / You are a special consultant for ACME Electronics, a United States manufacturer of high-end consumer electronics

You are a special consultant for ACME Electronics, a United States manufacturer of high-end consumer electronics


You are a special consultant for ACME Electronics, a United States manufacturer of high-end consumer electronics. Upon consultation with the executive team, the CEO has determined that an international acquisition of a major electronics manufacturer is necessary for continued success of ACME Electronics. Your budget is unlimited. However, it is imperative to find an electronics manufacturer that will be a viable partner for ACME.

Complete a 15-20 pages paper with the following sections:

Executive Summary

In the Executive Summary section, you will provide a succinct description of the key factors you considered when determining your recommendation. The summary is intended to showcase the key decision-making elements of primary interest to the senior executives and management team.

Introduction, Background, and Scope

In this section, you will

1/ Identify the major components of the challenge including internal factors such as domestic or foreign financing and any external factors (such as local customs) that may impact the organization.

2/Identify the risks of acquiring a foreign subsidiary. Construct techniques to mitigate the risk that comes from international exposure.

3/ Provide an analysis of the strategic opportunities for international operations and how the acquisition will meet the goals of the organization.

Body of the paper

In the body of the paper, you will build the following sections. Please be sure to identify each section with the associated heading:

4/ Purpose of the International Acquisition Plan

5/An economic assessment of Germany where the acquisition target is located

6A/ Create a financing plan recommending the use of interest rate swap

6B/ Create a valuation strategy (use the stock market index MDAX located in Germany to solve for optimal international. Assess the potential gains from holding an optimal international portfolio, citing the information from the portfolio and the Sharpe ratio to justify your recommendation to ACME. Illustrate how the portfolio could provide ACME the maximum return based on the amount of risk they are willing to incur).

6C/ Create a foreign exchange rate prediction for Euro to USD using this website (

Conclusions, Recommendations, Summary

For the final section of your project, you will provide your recommendation based on the conclusions you reached.

In this section, you will

7/ Generate conclusions based on the research you have done and the information in your plan.

8/ Make financial recommendations for the organization to consider in their quest to become to a global conglomerate.

9/ Recommend multinational business valuation techniques for the long-term success of the acquisition target.

10/ Develop a strategy for integrating and restructuring the target company.

11/ Justify your recommendations for the acquisition by providing a rationale for the recommendations for the acquisition.

12/ Summarize your plan and findings. Provide a comprehensive rationale for the recommendations for acquisition, and thoroughly summarizes the plan and findings.

THE PAPER must be 15 to 20 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and reference pages).

Originality score 20% or less is mandatory.

Must use at least 12 scholarly and/or credible professional sources.


Please correct grammatical errors.

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