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Homework answers / question archive / Enter a mathematical operation: '+', '-', '/', '*', 'n!', '2^n' and 'IsPrime'

Enter a mathematical operation: '+', '-', '/', '*', 'n!', '2^n' and 'IsPrime'

Computer Science

Enter a mathematical operation: '+', '-', '/', '*', 'n!', '2^n' and 'IsPrime'. 2. Request input for the first number. 3. Request input for the second number (if needed). 4. Output the result of the operation. Make sure to test that your operation for all input ranges (be careful with multiply and divide). For the 2^n operation you should use a shift operation. The operators you implement should be done through procedures. Additionally, for division you should output the quotient and remainder. For 'IsPrime', the program should output if the number entered is or is not a prime number. Recall, a number is prime if it is only divisible by 1 and itself. Bonus points for properly handling input values that will produce bad results.

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