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ASSIGNMENT 7 WORKSHEET: OZONE 1. The chemical formula for ozone is _____. a. H3O b. O3H c. O3 d. OH3 2. Ozone has _______ smell. a. a pleasant b. no c. a pungent 3. Ozone is clear to ______ in color. a. bluish b. brownish c. yellowish 4. (True or False) Ozone is chemically unstable, and must be used as quickly as it is generated. 5. Ozone is a strong oxidant and can be ________ to handle. a. hazardous b. easy c. hard 6. Ozone is generated in nature when high voltage electric arcs convert part of the _____ in the atmosphere into ozone. a. water b. nitrogen c. oxygen 7. Ozone is a strong disinfectant, and does not produce harmful byproducts that ______ does. a. fluorine b. chlorine c. membrane filtration 8. Which chamber in an ozone contact basin is this? Diffusers are submerged in water, ozone gas is piped in, and fine bubble diffusers release ozone gas into the water. a. application chamber b. contact chamber 9. Which chamber in an ozone contact basin is this? Ozone is allowed to dissolve into water for chemical reaction and disinfection to take place; at several points, water is sampled to measure dissolved ozone. a. application chamber b. contact chamber ASSIGNMENT 7 WORKSHEET: OZONE 10. A plant uses a LOX system that generates ozone at a concentration of 12% and contact basins with a transfer efficiency of 92%. What is the required ozone generation rate if a plant is treating 14 MGD with a dosage of 2.5 mg/L of ozone? a. 512 lbs/day b. 317 lbs/day c. 225 lbs/day 11. A 2 log inactivation results in a _____% inactivation of pathogens. a. 2 b. 90.9 c. 99 d. 99.9 12. (True or False) A contact basin should be periodically drained for cleaning and inspection. 13. Ozone piping and supports must be examined periodically for evidence of _____ . a. MIC b. PAC c. GAC 14. A PLC is often used to control equipment in an ozone system. What does PLC stand for? a. Programmable Ladder Controller b. Programmable Logic Controller c. Programmable Logic Converter 15. MIC stands for ______ a. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion b. Membrane Inhibited Corrosion______ c. Micro Induced Corrosion 16. The acronym MSDS stands for _____ a. Material Safety Data Sheet b. Material Security Data Sheet c. Material Systems Data Sheet 17. (True or False) Manufacturers are required to supply an MSDS for every chemical that they sell. 18. (True or False) Confined space requirements should be followed whenever ozone or other hazardous gases are being used. 19. LOX is the liquid form of oxygen and is considered to be a ____ liquid. a. toxic b. carcinogenic c. cryogenic ASSIGNMENT 7 WORKSHEET: OZONE

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