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Homework answers / question archive / Please creat the portfolio and choose one for the presentation, Learning Objectives Students will explain one major course concept

Please creat the portfolio and choose one for the presentation, Learning Objectives Students will explain one major course concept


Please creat the portfolio and choose one for the presentation,

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will explain one major course concept.
  2. Students will apply their knowledge of major course concepts to a particular subcategory/area of personal interest.
  3. Students will create an engaging, educational, and professional presentation.

Assignment Description

You will demonstrate your mastery of one disability concept by explaining it in a way that could be understood by anyone from a non-disability studies audience, such as your grandma. The presentation you create should tell a story and be entertaining, and engaging, but also clearly communicate the concept in a manner that is complete, and accurate.

This presentation allows you to develop your creative skills using the different FREE campus resources available to all SDSU Students (Adobe Creative Cloud and or Microsoft Office) or other creative apps or websites you are familiar with. You can create a website, PowerPoint, video, blog, flyer, poster, social media post, etc., to demonstrate your mastery of one disability concept.

You might want to choose a topic that you can use in your work, educational, personal, and/or community life. Or just pick a topic that resonated with you during the course. Some examples may include but are not limited to:

  • Ableism in education
  • Travel accessibility
  • Assistive technology for communication
  • Sex, disability, and online dating
  • Disability access & employment opportunities in your career field
  • Intersectional disability history
  • & More…

Planning Your Presentation

Reflect on what you know about the disability concept you will be communicating in the presentation and decide on the important information you should include in your presentation:

  • Definition: Write down a clear definition for/description of the concept you will communicate.
  • Main Points: List the key points you think are important for people to know or understand about the topic. It is ok if there are some things you are unsure of. Be sure to write these points down too as you will learn more about them in the next step.
  • Applications: Think about how the concept you have selected plays a role in everyday life. Come up with a few ideas that illustrate the concept in action or shows how this idea has been demonstrated in society.
  • Reflection: Identity what aspects of the concept are not clear to you or where you might have gaps in your knowledge based on what you have identified in the three points above.

Research the concept to make sure that you fill any of the gaps that you identified above and have a clear understanding of what the disability concept is to be communicated in the presentation.

Presentation Requirements

Make sure that you consider how examples may have been used to explain the concept in your class notes, power points, and/or Top Hat e-textbook, and other relevant sources. Your presentation must include the following:

  1. An accurate definition/description of the concept.
  2. Address 3 key points about the subject that you want to communicate to your audience
  3. Provide 1-2 examples that illustrate your points.
  4. Be creative and engaging for your target audience.
  5. Tell your audience why YOU personally feel that this is an important concept for people in the community/ workplace/ family, etc. to know about.
  6. Provide references and resources.

How To Create Your Presentation

You can make a webpage, social media post, infographic, PowerPoint, 1-minute video clip, poster, song, etc. The opportunities are endless. We recommend utilizing the free tools available to ALL SDSU students using the Adobe Creative Cloud. Which can be accessed and downloaded here using your SDSU RedID.

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